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Stamp Box Features on Antiques Roadshow on BBC1

On tonight’s episode of Antiques Roadshow (BBC1 in the UK) which took place at Osborne House, a silver and enamelled stamp box depicting the ½d vermilion, 1d lilac and 2½d purple on blue was brought in to be valued. The expert, Alastair Dickenson, who described it as the “Rolls Royce of stamp boxes”, went on to say that it is worth at least £2’000. A couple I had seen sell recently sold for around £2’600 to £3’000. People in the UK can watch the episode online here:

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Lack of interest in the Jubilee issue?

Just reading through the latest issue of the GB Philatelic Society’s newsletter and I came across a slightly disheartening comment from from the Surface Printed consultant in his annual report, which said:

As reported in previous years, there has been no interest in the colourful Jubilee issues despite very interesting and collectable pieces and usages still being available at reasonable prices

I’m pleased to say that I have had a few people contact me over the past year. Some asking for help and some happy to offer it! So a big thank you to those that have contributed. I try my best to answer any questions I receive, but I haven’t always done so in the past so apologies to anyone who never received an answer.

So please feel free to contact me with anything relating to the Jubilee issue, and if you’re a member of the GB Philatelic Society (which you should be!) then don’t forget  you can contact them with any questions you may have as well.


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Cricket Ground Cancellations

20131212092009286_0002aAn article in the January 2014 edition of Stamp & Coin Mart featured an article about the Cricket thematic collection of Richard Ley.

When asked: “Which item was most difficult to find?”, he replied:

“It is extremely difficult – and expensive – to track down the Queen Victoria line-engraved stamps cancelled at telegraph offices set up by the GPO to cater for reporters’ submissions to their newspapers in the days before telephones. About thirty different cancellations are known”.

The pair of 1s green and carmine show the “BIRMINGHAM / CRICKET GROUND” cds applied at Edgbaston during the Warwickshire match against Yorkshire in June 1901.

In my April 2013 Ebay Report, I showed a 4d green and brown with a “LEYTON CRICKET GROUND” cds which sold for £1’800.

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