Cricket Ground Cancellations

20131212092009286_0002aAn article in the January 2014 edition of Stamp & Coin Mart featured an article about the Cricket thematic collection of Richard Ley.

When asked: “Which item was most difficult to find?”, he replied:

“It is extremely difficult – and expensive – to track down the Queen Victoria line-engraved stamps cancelled at telegraph offices set up by the GPO to cater for reporters’ submissions to their newspapers in the days before telephones. About thirty different cancellations are known”.

The pair of 1s green and carmine show the “BIRMINGHAM / CRICKET GROUND” cds applied at Edgbaston during the Warwickshire match against Yorkshire in June 1901.

In my April 2013 Ebay Report, I showed a 4d green and brown with a “LEYTON CRICKET GROUND” cds which sold for £1’800.

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  1. For those that are interested in the subject, I was kindly contacted by a reader who informed me that a King Edward 7th 1s green and carmine with Brighton Cricket Ground sold on eBay on January 25th for £2656.40.

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