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Corinphila Sell “Severin” UPU Collection

April proved to be a busy time for philatelic auction companies. One of the more interesting and unusual sales was at Corinphila in Zurich on April 24th-26th, where they sold the “Severin” collection of UPU. The highlight (for me at least) was this beautiful Reply Paid Letter hand-painted essay. Estimated at a meagre 1’000SFr, I bid it up to 4’200Sfr before dropping out (likely beaten by Stanley Gibbons but we’ll see…). At this price it was still below what it’s really worth.

Also of note in their main sale was a cover sent to Tunisia and franked with postage dues on arrival which fetched 240Sfr plus commission. Its irregular shape likely putting more bidders (like myself) off. As well as a 1s green and carmine on cover with sold for 400Sfr plus commision. This being the 59th that I have recorded.

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