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January/February 2018 Ebay Report

I’m sure I say this every year, but my New Year’s resolution to do more work on the website has started poorly with the blog a month behind already. Actually there has been very few items of interest on Ebay, but the first item I will talk about was quite a special item to find as I didn’t remember ever seeing one before.

This 2d green & carmine was simply described as a 2d with specimen overprint. Even at a quick glance it’s noticeable that it has been overprinted twice, and with a closer look you’ll notice that it has two different type of the specimen overprint, types 9 and 12. Listed in the SG Queen Victoria specilaised as K30sa with a catalogue value of £225 for mounted mint, I took a look at Gibbons sale catalogue of the “Aureum” Jubilee collection from 2016 to see if they had one. They did, and with the comment “the first example we have handled for over 15 years”, it had a price of £550 and evidently sold. If I could have I would a bid at the very last moment but as I was travelling I couldn’t. As a result I pushed the price from £41 to £310 but give the other bidder time to increase his bid and I lost it for £385.

Another item which realised almost the same price, but is significantly less rare as far as I’m aware was this unmounted mint 4d green and brown with inverted watermark, which sold for £388 plus postage (against a SG catalogue price of £1’500).

And I finish with the Bechuanaland Protectorate 4d on 1/2d inverted surcharge. Catalogued at £4’000, it sold for £87.72… The suspiciously poor quality image is always a red flag and it had no expertising certificate. Looking at the shape of the letters in “Fourpence”, I’m pretty sure it’s a fake. Either that or someone got an absolute bargain!


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Febuary 2011 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

This interesting piece sold for £37.05. It is a opposite halves of a bisect of a 2d and a 1 1/2d together on piece tied by a Bletchinton cds. There a few of these types of items around, all philatelically inspired of course, and they were not permitted by the Post Office at the time. As you can see, the words “not accepted” appear below the stamps. It is now up for sale by Arthur Ryan & Co. for £95.

This cover from Niger Coast also bears bisects and was sold for £765.75. A very similar cover, sent to the same address, but addressed to “Mr. Britain”, was sold by Spink in the John Sacher collection in Novermber 2009 for £850 plus 20% commission, so this was a good purchase for the winning bidder.

This unmounted mint set of specimen overprints on the Zululand set sold for £359.35

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