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This is an alphabetical list of articles of important information that relates to collecting stamps from the era of the 1887 Jubilee issue. Articles include explanations of the various methods of sending mail, the variety of cancellations used, as well as general Post Office history.


1890 Uniform Penny Postage Jubilee >>

1891 Royal Naval Exhibition >>

Continental Night Mail >>

Cricket Ground Cancellations >>

Displays & Exhibits >>

Express Mail, A History of >>

Late Fee Mail >>

Machine Cancellations, A History of >>

Number of items sent through the post 1839-1901 >>

Ocean Penny Postage >>

Paquebot Mail >>

Parcel Post, A History of >>

Pears’ Soap >>

Perfins >>

Philatelists, Famous

Postcards, A History of >>

Railway Letter Post, A History of >>

Stamp Boxes >>

Travelling Post Office, A History of >>

Underprints >>

Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee >>