Alfred Smith

Alfred Smith (1837-1880) was one of the pioneer English stamp dealers who started trading in Bath with his brother Henry Stafford Smith (1843-1903) as partner, at 13 George Street. Together they published “The Stamp Collector’s Magazine”, one of the earliest philatelic magazines which ran from 1863 for 12 years. This was followed by the “Alfred Smith & Company’s Monthly Circular”. The partnership was seemingly dissolved when Henry moved to Brighton in 1866 where he established a new business and a new journal “The Philatelist” (1866-76).

The firm’s advertisements in all the major magazines for boys throughout the English-speaking world created a lucrative business during the first decades of the hobby and he became one of the prominent stamp dealers of the 20th century. He bought two of the four known (off cover) British Guiana 1851 2 cent cotton-reels in 1878 (reportedly for around £15 each), and he was the first to detail the discovery of the Bermuda Perot postmaster provisional, when in 1897 it was sent to him and he described it in his “Monthly Circular” in July 1897.

Advertising Covers Lisiting (best guess at chronological order)


Alfred Smith Bath Advertising Cover

Alfred Smith Stamp Dealer advertising cover

Alfred Smith advertising cover in black


Alfred mith advertising cover change of address

Alfred Smith advetising cover Essex Street London

Alfred Smith Southampton Row

Alfred Smith Southampton Row handstamp