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March 2013 Ebay Report

Top 5 Items of the Month
48.20We kick of this month with this attractive 1900 1/2d green franking with a scarce “Posted out of course” handstamp. This handstamp indicated that this registered envelope was probably placed straight into a postbox instead of being handed over at the Post Office as was required for all registered letters. It sold for £48.20.

82.51Another attractive 1900 1/2d franking was this advertising cover for Tiptree Fruit Farm. Advertising covers are very collectable, and the more ornate they are, the more desirable they are. This one fetched an impressive £82.51.

128.00This impressive multiple of 16 of the 1s green sold for only £128.00. The “73” cancellation is a telegraph cancellation, meaning that this block would have been attached to a telegraph form and hence not postally used, which always reduces the price. However the block has very good colour which is difficult with this stamp as contact with water will make the green fade.


68.80This parcel post label is a scarce single usage of the 9d purple and blue. In unusually fine and attractive condition for a parcel label, it was no surprise to see this sell for £68.80.

63.95And finally this attractive multiple Jubilee franking sold for £63.95. Although a little bit grubby, the stamps pay a scarce high franking  of 1s 5 1/2d to Greece.

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June 2011 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

This attractive cover was sent at the printed matter rate with a 1/2d vermilion. However, in order to qualify for this rate, the contents weren’t allowed to contain writing or be sealed. This example was obviously found to contain writing and had “OF THE NATURE / OF A LETTER / 131” handstamp applied with a tax “1” (to pay the extra 1/2d for the letter rate plus a 1/2d fine). It sold for £41.00

This unusual cover has the opposite halves of a 1/2d vermilion and a 1/2d green put together to make up a single 1/2d stamp. What is more unusual though is that it appears to have been accepted to pay the printed matter rate! Every other bisect or cut-and-paste stamp I have seen has been taxed as not paying the rate. I slightly regret letting this one go for only £42.75.

Multiples of the Niger Coast issues are very scarce, and certainly sought after. This block of six 1/2d vermilions sold for £48.60 despite having trimmed perfs at the left hand side.

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