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Jubilees in New York 2016!

NY 2016 World Stamp Show LogoI was fortunate enough to travel to the New York World Stamp Show earlier this month, as I was working on the David Feldman stand for the whole eight days. I was kept extremely busy for the first four or five days, but eventually found the time to take a look around some of the amazing exhibits. There were no collections of Jubilees sadly, but I did manage to find some items of interest amongst the maze of collections.

Ascension registered hooded ds, ex Vivien SussexThe first one I spotted was the sister cover to the Ascension registered hooded cds that recently sold at Spink, one of only two known examples of this cancellation. It belonged to the fabulous collection of GB Used Abroad of Hugh Wood that was on display in the Court of Honor.

2016-06-02 17.04.02In a collection of Indonesia were two covers going to Java and one to Sumatra. Surprisingly perhaps, Indonesia isn’t such a scarce destination. I have recorded 15 Jubilee frankings to Indonesia so far, with most going to the island of Java and only two going to Sumatra and three to Celebes.

2016-06-01 13.33.53In a collection of New South Wales was this attractive mixed franking on a cover sent from the UK with a 2 1/2d and redirected to the USA. The additional New South Wales franking was needed as it was before they joined the UPU. I also recognise this cover because the company I work for, David Feldman SA, sold this cover in the Baron von Uexkull collection in 1997.

Cover missent to CubaAlso of note was a cover featured in a collection of Cuba. The owner described it as the only recorded usage of the “MISSENT / Military Sta. No. 20 Sancti Spiritus Cuba” handstamp.

And finally on display in Alan Huggins’ collection of British Postal Stationery were five covers from a correspondence to Jamaica with stamped-to-order postal stationery, three of which were uprated with Jubilees (bringing my census of Jubilee frankings to Jamaica up to 5 known).2016-06-03 17.21.01

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Europhilex London 2015 Report

EUROPHILEX_NEG blueAs an employee of David Feldman (the Swiss stamp auctioneers), I’m lucky enough to travel the world going to stamp exhibitions. The latest was last week in London at the Business Design Centre in Islington (the same venue as Stampex twice a year). With over 350 exhibits there was plenty to see, with many extremely important and valuable collections.  The standard was particularly high even for an International Exhibition with over 38 Large Gold medals awarded.

2015-05-16 13.56.56However one in particular stood out to me as a Jubilee collector. Although not obvious from the title; “Great Britain Edward VII Essays and Proofs” by Graham Horton had some fantastic items. There were no fewer than seven “Stamp Committee” hand-painted essays, eighteen 1s green & carmine colour trials, several die proofs and the type A and type B sets of Edward VII “paste-ups”. However the pièce de résistance of the collection (for me at least) was the postal notice for the introduction of the 1s green and carmine and the 1/2d blue-green. Until the day I saw it I wasn’t even aware of its existence! (Although I have heard that there are two notices that exist for the 1st January 1887 issues). So I will have to keep an eye out if I want to add this treasure to my collection.

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Jubilees on show at Spring Stampex

2014-02-21 08.58.00iiI’m lucky enough with my job as a philatelist with David Feldman SA that I get to go to Stampex twice a year. Not only do I get to meet fellow collectors, I even get to see some nice Jubilee material (although mostly on dealers’ stands). However this time at Spring Stampex was an exception. One of the best collections on display was David Turner’s Ocean Penny Postage Propaganda Envelopes collection. These were made to publicise the need for cheap communication with the United States, from the 1850s onwards until its eventual introduction in KEVII’s reign. Everyone I had seen previously was from the 1850s to the 1870s. So it was with great surprise that I spotted three covers with 1/2d vermilion frankings! Featured here are two examples from the collection. There was even a collection of QV controls on display, albeit without any stand out items.

2014-02-21 08.57.40

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Brasiliana 2013

Brasiliana-2013I was fortunate enough to travel with work to Brasiliana 2013, the international stamp exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. Although the show was a bit of disaster, in my free time (and there was a lot of it because there were so few visitors), I actually managed to find some nice Jubilee items in the exhibits.


Two exhibits Mafeking coverlisted immediately caught my eye. The first I headed for was “The Siege of Mafeking” by Antonio Cucchiani. The collection featured several rare covers with Jubilee frankings as well as an example of the double overprint on the 4d. The collection was awarded a Vermeil medal.

British Levant 2s6d on coverAnd the other was “The British Postal Service in the Levant, 1857-1923” by Alexios Papadopoulos. Jubilee items of note included three GB 1s green on a parcel label, one of only 3 known covers with the single ring cds of Salonica and the cover pictured adjacent which is one of only 3 recorded with the 12pi on 2s6d. Interestingly the collection did not contain a QV 4pi on 10d on cover. The collection was awarded a Large Vermeil.

2013-11-19 13.03.41Individual items of note included this 1/2d postal stationery card uprated with a 1/2d vermilion sent to Argentina and forwarded on arrival with an Argentinian stamp, which I just happened to spot in a collection of Argentinian postal history.

2013-11-20 15.42.07And this cover belonged to an exhibition entitled “Swedish Militaries & Volunteers in war, Campaigns or in active service abroad 1582-1905”. Certainly not an exhibition I would expect to find a Jubilee cover, but in fact this envelope was sent to a Swede attached to the 5th Dragoons in the British Field Army in South Africa, and had a long journey to try and find its addressee!

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