Missing Colour Error Not What It Seems

1887 9d Jubilee chemically removed colourThe item pictured came up on eBay recently and I felt that it deserved it’s own post. With a “Buy it now” price of £5’000, an unknowing collector could be fooled into thinking that this is a rarity, with this 9d missing all of its blue colour.

Unfortunately the stamp wasn’t originally printed this way and has in fact had its blue colour chemically removed . One reason why I can say this confidently without seeing the stamp in the flesh is that the cancellation is still visible albeit severely faded. Closer examination would also probably reveal a faint outline where the blue ink used to be (indeed the frame surrounding the centre it is actually slightly noticeable in the picture).

The stamp is no longer available so hopefully the vendor has realised the error and withdrawn it from the site.

This is not the first “missing colour” in the 1887 Jubilee series I have seen. There is also a few examples I have spotted of the 5d with missing blue and a single example of the 1 1/2d with missing purple and a 10d with missing purple. The stamps were printed with “fugitive” inks so this was designed to happen if someone attempted to remove the cancellation and re-use the stamp.

Remember, if in doubt, check the Stanley Gibbons specialised catalogue of Queen Victoria. If a major variety is not listed, then there’s a 99.9% chance it doesn’t exist. And always buy valuable items with an RPS or BPA certificate.

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