December 2012 Ebay Report

Top 4 Items of the Month
First off, I hope you all had a merry Christmas and have something exciting planned for New Year!
1125.95I’ll begin this months report with a rare registered cover franked with 1883 2s6d, 1887 1s and 1887 1/2d. There are around only 20 known covers with the 2s6d, however it was still a surprise to see BygonesofBridlington sell this for £1125.95.

2105.95Which makes this one at £2’105.95 look like a good buy. The book “Scarce Victorian Covers” by Brauer lists known rare QV surface printed covers recorded by him. He only records 10 frankings with the 10s (this one not being recorded).

583.84BygonesofBridlington was also the vendor of this 1887 2 1/2d with inverted watermark. It shows how popular this vendor is with eBay bidders, because it fetched £583.84, compared to a catalogue value of £1’250 which is just under half catalogue.74.72

We finish off this month with another item from BygonesofBridlington. This cover was described as going to New Zealand, when it is infact sent to Rarotonga, which is an island of the Cook Islands. Making this a rare item of destination mail. Unfortunately there was also a New Zealand arrival bs, otherwise I would have pushed this far beyond it’s £74.72 realisation.

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