Cavendish Sell Rare British Levant

British Levant 40pa on 2 1-2d Double OverprintCavendish’s auction on 5th December 2012 saw a nice collection of British Levant go up for sale, including a few nice Jubilee pieces. Of note were three mint and one used example of the “40 PARAS” double overprint on the 2 1/2d. Lot 221 (pictured) with a 1964 RPS certificate sold for £750 plus commission. Also of note was a strip of five of the 40pa provisional overprint on the 1/2d vermilion. Observant readers would have noticed that a different strip of five in perfect unmounted mint condition was hammered down at £9’000 plus commission. Lot 226 was a mounted mint strip, which has a good deal of separation on the right hand stamp, sold for £1’400 plus commission. Emphasising the importance of collecting top quality stamps! These two are the largest know multiples.British Levant 40pa on 1-2d vermilion strip of five

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