Argyll Etkin Sell Strong Selection of Bechuanaland and Mafeking

Argyll Etkin’s recent sale on 4th May featured (again) a strong section of South Africa, and even had some rare Mafeking covers which very infrequently appear at auction.

The best Jubilee item was a pair of the Mafeking 1s on 4d green and brown on cover to Bulawayo. Estimated at £1’200-1’500, it sold for £2’200 plus 17% commission.

However the one that I had spotted for my collection was the 1d on 1/2d vermilion cover estimated the same. Sadly I was outbid at £1’700 plus 17% commission. Although I did pick up a nice Bechuanaland cover which helped to take the bitter taste of defeat away

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