January 2012 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

Kicking off 2012, we have this interesting advertisement from Bovril in the style of a cigarette card, showing the 1/2d vermilion (inscribed “Bovril / For Health and Strength”) and the 1881 1d lilac (inscribed “Bovril is the Product of Prime Ox Beef”) both “cancelled” by a Bovril cds. Unfortunately the card has been cut in half. It sold for £12.01.




This Army Telegraphs stamps often appear on Ebay, mostly on the 1/2d vermilion. However this 1/2d green has the much scarcer 8mm overprint, where  the “A” is half over “L” and the “Y” is almost over “P”. In mounted mint condition, it sold for £79.84.



This scarce 1s green with inverted watermark in mounted mint condition sold for £266.00 plus postage. Catalogued in the Stanley Gibbons Specialised Volume 1 at £900, this was a very good result considering the image is quite poor and it is quite difficult to tell the condition.

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