December 2011 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

I have two rare frankings with the 9d purple and blue this month to show you. The first is a single franking, and the only one I have ever seen. It doesn’t appear to be philatelic, but I can’t make out what rate it is paying, but the crayon markings on the front obviously hold the clue. If someone could help me out it will be much appreciated! It sold for £109.92.

Then only a few days later, this pair on cover sent by the Insured rate fetched £138.00. With the manuscript indicating that the contents was £50, the franking pays 15d in insurance and registration (5d for the first £12, each further insured amount of £12 pounds cost 2 1/2d extra), plus the double the UPU letter rate. Both are very welcome additions to my collection!

This cover definitely interested me, and I was planning to make a cheeky bid, but alas, I forgot about it and it was sold before I knew it…for £139.05! At first glance, it is just a pair of 2 1/2d paying the double letter rate to Italy. Nothing unusual there. But take a closer look at the image and you will notice that it is going to Sir Henry F. Ponsonby, who not only rose to the rank of Colonel in the Grenadier Gaurds and fought in Crimea, but also later became Keeper of the Privy Purse and Private Secretary to Queen Victoria!! Not only that, but the stamps are cancelled by the scarce Royal “V R” hooded cancel of London, with a Buckingham Palace wax seal of the reverse. Making this a wonderful item for the Royalty collector.


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2 responses to “December 2011 Ebay Report

  1. The cover going to Sir Henry F. Ponsonby was actually bought by a GB dealer, who sold it on for £300!

  2. Maurice Buxton has kindly contacted me to say that the 9d single franking is likely to be paying double the UPU letter rate plus a 4d late fee (various late fees were in use at the large London post offices).

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