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January 2014 Retail Items of the Month

Top 3 Items

Well my new blog feature lasted exactly one month… If I fail again I will be less ambitious and do this every quarter. We’ll see…

20140208-133637.jpgAnyway, I will recommence with this envelope sent from Prince George, Duke of York (future King George V) to his wife “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York” in Germany and initialled at the lower left. Andrew Lajer is asking £350 which seems reasonable to me considering the desirability of Royalty philatelic items.

1887 3d purple on yellow plate proofNext up is this attractive and scarce imperf. plate proof of the 3d purple on yellow. I think it’s a snip at £100. For sale by Elstree Stamps on eBay.

1-2d vermilion clock

And now, the pièce de résistance of any Jubilee collector’s den: a clock with the 1/2d vermilion!!!! Currently on sale by cafepress.com for a bargain £14 plus postage. As I write this I’m looking at mine hanging proudly on the wall :-). They also have a huge range of printed t-shirts, hoodies, etc. for all stamp collectors.


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