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June 2013 Ebay Report

Top 5 Items of the Month
33.60Merry Christmas everyone! At least that was the message that this scarce Xmas cancel was spreading. Very collectible on cover, these cancels only came in during the King Edward reign, and this is the first example I have seen on a Jubilee, albeit that it’s a piece. It sold for £33.60.

100.99 This attractive cover to Mauritius blew away my expectations and fetched an impressive £100.99. A scarce but certainly not rare destination, it is one of the nicest frankings to Mauritius I have seen, and perfect for the destination mail collector.

89.99Another cover which sold for more than I would have paid for it was this one from Jersey to Argentina. As I’ve said before on this blog, the Channel Islands are very collectible, and it shows in the price: £89.99!

51.14This parcel tag is an item I would have liked to have in my collection. Rarely have I seen a colourful parcel label with an advert. And of course the franking makes this extra special, with a combination of 1/2d, 1 1/2d, 2 1/2d and 4 1/2d!! Although they all have perfins, they match up with the company on the parcel label which I think makes it more interesting. It sold for £51.14.

18.16And finally I have another scarce cancel to show you. This is the Baltasound mail bag seal which which has given it a negative impression. As far as I know, no covers exist, so it is likely that stamps like this were created by favour, or by some unscrupulous little wotsit!! Still, they’re very attractive. This one sold for £18.16

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April 2013 Ebay Report

Top 5 Items of the Month

Leyton Cricket Ground cdsWe kick off this month with something of a rarity, that I’m not too ashamed to say, that I missed it completely… Starting at 29p and 32 bids later, the final price was £1’800!!! Thanks to the very rare “LEYTON CRICKET GROUND” cds, which was the HQ of Essex County Cricket Club from 1886-1933. So keep an eye out in those bargain bins!


31.20Coming down a peg or two in terms of price, but certainly not in terms of beauty, this superbly cancelled 5d purple and blue die I. For those that struggle with the difference between die I and die II, a cds like this with the year date 1887 clearly visible guarantees it as a die I, as the die II didn’t come out until 1888. Not only is this a very crisp cds, but it also has a Travelling Post Office (TPO) cds of the Edinburgh and Carstairs Sorting Tender. Why I was the only bidder for £31.20 is beyond me!

75.50This stamp is one of the very few and certainly best example of an offset that I have seen on the 1/2d green. This is caused when a sheet of stamps is placed on top of another sheet that still has wet ink, leaving a mirrored impression on the gum. It sold for a very reasonable £75.50.



93.00This item is not an imperforate example of the 3d purple on yellow, but in fact printer’s waste. It’s the same with the 1/2d green on buff, this 3d purple on green paper was struck just as a test to check the quality of the printing. It sold for £93.

47.88And finally my best purchase in quite a while. Not only are Army Official overprints on cover scarce (except for on the 1d lilac), this 1/2d is paying the postcard rate, which you can imagine for official correspondence was used rarely. The usage of the 1/2d for the open-letter rate is marginally less rare. A bargain at £47.88.


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