Corbitts Sell Another Rare Office of Works Block

On November 29th 2012 Corbitts will sell another rare Office of Works marginal block of four. Lot 1646 is a block of the 10d Jubilee estimated at £7’000-10’000. In their previous auction, Corbitts sold a marginal block of four of the 5d Jubilee for £12’600 plus commission. Although it has a faint vertical crease, it is hinged on one stamp and has a clear 1945 RPS certificate. So expect this block to go for more!

Corbitts will also have many other Jubilee official including a 1s green & carmine Board of Education, as well as blocks, varieties and specimens of Army and I. R. Officials.


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2 responses to “Corbitts Sell Another Rare Office of Works Block

  1. The block sold for £24’000 plus 15% commission. Fantastic.

  2. It sold to Stanley Gibbons, and it now has a PTS certificate of expertise. They have it on their website for £40’000:

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