Official Overprints Sell Well At David Feldman

The September 19th-24th auction series of David Feldman saw some astonishing prices throughout the sale, none more so than in their section of GB. The star of the show undoubtedly being the cover with the block of four 1d red with “Treasury Roulette” experimental perforation selling for €50’000+20%. However I was more interested in these humble Jubilee pieces.

Up for offer were lots 31665 and 31666; two parcel labels with Gov’t Parcels overprinted stamps. Estimated at €150 each, they both sold for a very good price of €280+20%.

By far and away the scarcer item however was lot 31664, a pair of Army Official 1/2d green on cover. This one bringing my census to only 10 known covers. If I didn’t already have one, I would have certainly pushed it beyond its final realisation of €340+20%.

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