July 2012 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

Not necessarily one of the top 3 Jubilee items this month, but certainly bargain of the month. The 4 1/2d on parcel piece is pretty scarce, especially in such fine condition. In fact this stamp was issued primarily to pay this parcel post rate. It sold for only £15.90, and is worth £30-£40 of anybody’s money.

Controls of the 1/2d vermilion are still very popular. Even though the Q control is probably the most common, this unmounted mint block of six shows a dramatic break to the frame line which makes it a much more collectable item, and it sold for £43.56. I am currently in the process of recording the different settings of each control letter.

And finally this large multiple of the Army Official 1/2d green with control number is quite scarce, and was a snip at only £42.74. Controls on the official issues are particularly scarce, although are more common on the Army Official than the others.

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