“Chartwell” Jubilees are SPECTACULAR

It was only last November, that the Gold Medal collection of Jubilees by Lady Mary Buiri was sold at Sotheby’s. Now Spink are offering on the 13th October, as part of the “Chartwell” collection, a collection of Jubilees possibly surpassing that of Lady Buiri’s!!

The most striking and desireable of the collection is lot 876 (pictured). A page of handpainted essays of the final design for the entire set on an archive page, and endorsed by the Inland Revenue Secretary and with “THE DESIGNS ARE SIMPLY DRAWN BY HAND AND DO NOT SHOW THE FINISHED EFFECT WHICH WILL BE OBTAINED BY ENGRAVING.” printed below. At £30’000-35’000, it’s no price to be sniffed at, but at £3’000 to £3’500 per essay (excluding commission of course), it is well worth the money, and in my opinion, would be the pinnacle of a Jubilee collection. That gives me 17 days to save up…

The rest of the collection is full of essays, die proofs, colour trials, CANCELLED overprints and so take a look at the catalogue!

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