April 2011 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

This British Levant 4 pi on 10d on cover is rare. This is only one of a few examples that I have seen. The condition is quite poor; it is creased and has a tear affecting one of the 40pa on 2 1/2d, but it is still not a bad looking cover for only £37.00. Expect to pay at least 10 times that for an example on cover in good condition (if you can find one).

This Niger Coast 1s green block of four actually came from the same vendor as the cover above. It is from the 1st setting (no marginal lines) and is cancelled by Old Calabar cds. The colour isn’t as fresh as it could be, but blocks of four of these issues just don’t come around. Sold for £178.50

This cute postcard was sent to France with a 1/2d green, but was declared underpaid by 5c (equivalent to 1/2d) on arrival and taxed with a 10c French postage due (which includes a 5c fine). I was very happy to only pay £4.10.

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