January 2011 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

Zululand covers bearing the overprinted Jubilee issue are rare, and seldom appear at auction let alone on ebay. The 5d is more scarce than the rest on cover, and although this is from a known philatellic correspondence, only one person was willing to bid $678.50, which seems like a steal to me.

This parcel tag to Jerusalem bears an 1883-84 2s6d as well as 1s green, 3d purple on yellow and 2d green and red Jubilees. The item was won by Andrew Lajer for £117.39, who then placed it on his website for £395. In fact, the ebay vendor bought the tag from David Feldman SA as part of the “Severn” collection in November 2010 for €100 plus 20% commission.

This attractive cover with USA 10c postage due was sold for $21.85. Covers with foreign postage due are quite scarce and make an interesting addition to a collection.

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