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March 2013 Ebay Report

Top 5 Items of the Month
48.20We kick of this month with this attractive 1900 1/2d green franking with a scarce “Posted out of course” handstamp. This handstamp indicated that this registered envelope was probably placed straight into a postbox instead of being handed over at the Post Office as was required for all registered letters. It sold for £48.20.

82.51Another attractive 1900 1/2d franking was this advertising cover for Tiptree Fruit Farm. Advertising covers are very collectable, and the more ornate they are, the more desirable they are. This one fetched an impressive £82.51.

128.00This impressive multiple of 16 of the 1s green sold for only £128.00. The “73” cancellation is a telegraph cancellation, meaning that this block would have been attached to a telegraph form and hence not postally used, which always reduces the price. However the block has very good colour which is difficult with this stamp as contact with water will make the green fade.


68.80This parcel post label is a scarce single usage of the 9d purple and blue. In unusually fine and attractive condition for a parcel label, it was no surprise to see this sell for £68.80.

63.95And finally this attractive multiple Jubilee franking sold for £63.95. Although a little bit grubby, the stamps pay a scarce high franking  of 1s 5 1/2d to Greece.

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August 2012 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Week
This month sees another Jubilee item slip through my fingers. Although only a large parcel piece, it has added interest in the fact that it was sent from the Houses of Parliament, and is printed “PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS / On Her Britannic Majesty’s Service”. Sent to Belgium, it is franked by nine 1881 1d lilacs, a 1887 1/2d and a 2 1/2d tied by London hooded cds. Hosted on ebay.com, it sold for £21.75.

Another lot hosted on ebay.com was this pair of American advertising covers from the Cotton States and International Exposition, Atlanta. I’ve had some success recently in buying advertising covers cheaply of ebay, however not these two. Obviously buoyed by the American interest, the two sold for £68.12.

Advertising-ring covers such as this one are keenly collected. Even though this one inscribed “PUBLISHERS OF THE PERMANENT STAMP ALBUM / BRIGHTON” is one of the most common, and there’s obviously some soiling at the top, it still fetched a respectable £75.59.

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June 2012 Ebay Report

Top 3 Items of the Month

This attractive, if slightly ragged, cover has two interesting points. Firstly, it is an advertising cover sent from Alfred Smith, the well-known stamp dealer, and prolific maker of advertising envelopes! This one has a 6d and 1d stamped-to-order dies which is much less common on advertising covers. And secondly, it’s going to Turks Island! Due to its condition, it sold for only £87.08. A fine one should fetch double.

This 1s green single franking is scarce, since at this time most countries were part of the UPU, and hence the standard letter rate of 2 1/2d applied. However, New Zealand was one of the few for which letters were still charged 6d, so this double rate cover is a nice example of this scarcer rate. If it were a little bit fresher, it would have sold for more than the £50.29 it realised.

This block of six 1/2d vermilion Army Officials looks pretty standard at first glance. However a closer look reveals that the fourth stamp has a broken L variety in OFFICIAL and the fifth stamp has a broken Y in ARMY. Unfortunately some creasing put me off pushing past £28.70.

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September 2011 Ebay Report

This 1s green and carmine with inverted watermark catalogues at £850, and was sold for £375. In fine condition, something of this calibre rarely comes up on eBay.


This cover fetched a good price at £97.45. As a franking it is not much to write home about, but because it is going to Orange Free State in Africa, it is much more sought after, possibly moreso by collectors of Orange Free State postal history as an example of incoming mail. This example shows the 4d rate to Africa plus 2d registration fee.
Printed advertising covers are collectable in their own right. This attractive one is advertising Malloch Fishing Tackle in Perth, and was sold for £79.94.

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