Government Parcels – 1s Green and Carmine Inverted Overprint

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All twelve recorded appear to originate from same office, similarly cancelled, at least five are damaged.


The One Shilling Green and Carmine “GOVT. PARCELS” with Inverted Overprint by H. R. Harmer, London Philatelist, vol.57, no.662, p.4-9, in 1948
“Great Britain Officials” from L. N. William’s “Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps”, volume 1, p.110-111, 1992

Census of Known Examples

Cert. RPS (1950)

History: ex Nissen; Grosvenor 27th Nov. 2008 lot 3187 est.£5’000-6’000 (unsold); Grosvenor 8th April 2010 lot 1009 est. £4’500-5’000 (unsold); Grosvenor 26th May 2011 lot 3927 est.£3’800-4’000 (unsold); Spink Private Treaty 2016 for £7’000

Cert. RPS (1978)

History: Grosvenor 29th May 2008 lot 3911 realised £6,500+20%

Cert. RPS (1950) and BPA (1990)

History: ex Nissen; Cherrystone Mar. 2008 lot 1031 realised $18’000 (about £9’000) plus commission; “Lionheart” collection (part 5), Spink June 2015, lot 35, est. £10’000-£12’000

History: ex Nissen; Robson Lowe Jul. 1978 lot 2158 realised £1’250; Robson Lowe 27th Sep. 1983 lot 547; Christie’s 11th Dec 1990 lot 4033 est.£1’800

Cert. BPA (2006)

History: Grosvenor 27th Jan. 2007 lot 1562 realised £3’000+20%


1s green and carmine Government Parcels inverted overprintCert. RPS

History: ex Houtzamer; Siegel Feb 1965 lot 201 realised $1’200

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