Mafeking – 6d on 3d Purple on Yellow mint census

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Cert. Brandon (1992)

History: Harmers SA (February 1994 lot 1538 SFr4’200); Grosvenor, Richard Tompkins collection, Nov 2006, lot 1321, realised £3’200; David Feldman, Nov 2009 lot 41338 estimate €2’400 (unsold);

Setting 3: Mint original, insignificant gum crease, signed Bloch, cert. BPA (2008)

History: ex Sovereign; Shreves Aug. 2011 lot 952

Fine mint, cert.

History: Muscott’s Aug. 2011 for sale for $4’800

Mint original gum, signed Bloch, cert. Sismondo (2014)

History: Siegel, Jun 2015, lot 3190, sold $5’750 plus commission

One or two perfs. at top with tone spots more apparent on reverse, large part og, cert. BPA (1980)

History: Corinphila, “Besançon” collection, June 2019, lot 4243, sold CHF1500 plus commission

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