Mafeking – 1d on 1/2d Vermilion Covers

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1900 (Apr 9) Envelope to “Messrs Aldred & Ross Market Square” bearing 1d on 1/2d vermilion strip of three, settings 4-6, neatly cancelled with cds, cert. David Brandon

History: ex Maximus (Sothebys 7th September 1989, lot 616, est. £200-300); Spink (September 2007 lot 228 realised £850); Currently for sale by David Brandon £3’600

1900 (Apr 9) Envelope to locally addressed cover to G. H. Thomas bearing 1d on 1/2d vermilion, cert. BPA

History: For sale by David Brandon for £2’850, 2011; For sale by David Brandon for £3’200, 2020

History: Currently for sale by David Brandon £2’765

1900 (25 Apr.) envelope to “Trooper A Mackenzie B.S.A.P. Cannon Kopje” bearing Cape 1d. on 1/2d. green strip of three and 1d. on Bechuanaland 1/2d. vermilion each neatly cancelled with c.d.s.; the envelope with small tear at top though a rare and most attractive franking

History: Spink (September 2007 lot 230 realised £1’500)

1900 (Apr 2) Envelope used locally within Mafeking franked with 1900 1d on 1/2d (2), 3d on 1d (SG 1 & 3), 1d on 1/2d (SG 6), 6d on 3d and 1/- on 4d (SG 10 & 11), all tied by Mafeking cds, vertical crease which just touches on 1d on 1/2d

History: Cavendish (20th June 2001 lot 703 est. £1’000)

1900 (Apr 4) Envelope to “Trooper  J. S. Bennet, B.S.A. Fort, Mafeking”, with 1900 Cape of Good Hope 1d on 1/2d Hope Seated, 3d on 1d, 1d on 1/2d vermilion, 6d on 3d, 1s on 4d purple & brown, all tied by Mafeking cds, some faults and defects.

History: Spink 2nd May 2012 (Adriano Landini collection) lot 24 realised £1’200 plus commission

1900 (Apr 7) envelope to Dixons Hotel with 1d on 1/2d vermilion tied by Mafeking cds, paying local rate, cert. Brandon (2001)

History: Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions (November 2004 lot 1876 unsold); Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions (March 2005 lot 2057 realised £720)

1900 (Apr 5) locally addressed envelope with two 1d on 1/2d vermilion (types 1 and 2) tied by Mafeking cds, slight creasing and stains clear of adhesives, cert. Brandon (1985)

History: Harmers SA (Feb 1984 lot 1587 SFr1’500); Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions (Nov 2003 lot 1517 realised £320)

1900 (Apr 12) Cover to Bulawayo with 1d on 1/2d vermilion strip of three types IV, V and VI (two corners affixed over edge), 3d on 1d carmine types I and II pair and 1d on 1/2d green strip of three types IV-VI, all tied by Mafeking cds, violet “PASSED / PRESS CENSOR” hs adjacent, Crocodile Pools bs

History: Ex Maximus (Sothebys 7th September 1989 lot 606 est. £500-700)

1900 (Apr 14) Envelope sent within Mafeking with 1d on 1/2 vermilion.

History: Argyll Etkin 4th May 2012 lot 853 realised £1’700 plus 17% commission

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