The Bechuanalands

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Tribal conflicts in the area which became Bechuanaland in the early years of the 1880s led to the intervention of Boers from the Transvaal who established the independent republics of Goshen and Stellaland. In 1884 the British Government, following appeals from local chiefs for protection, decided to annex both Goshen and Stellaland and a force under Sir Charles Warren was sent from the Cape. On 20th September 1885, Stellaland and other territory to the south of the Molopo River was constituted the Crown Colony of British Bechuanaland. A protectorate was also proclaimed over a vast tract of land to the north of Molopo on the 30th September 1885. Click here to see a map.

A postal service using runners was inaugurated on 9th August 1888 and SG.40 to 55 were issued as a temporary measure with the object of assessing the cost of this service. The Postmaster-General of the Cape Colony had assumed control of the Bechuanaland postal service on 1st April 1893, and continued to be responsible for the postal affairs of the Protectorate until 1963.

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