The Bechuanalands References

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Reference Books

Holmes, H. R., The Postage Stamps, Postal Stationery, and Postmarks of the Bechuanalands, published by the Royal Philatelic Society London, 1971.

Jurgens, A. A., The Bechuanalands: A Brief History Of The Countries And Their Postal Services 1836-1895

Proud, T., The Postal History of Basutoland and Bechuanaland Protectorate

Thy and Inglefield-Watson, The Postal Stationery of the Bechuanalands and Botswana

Trotter RDP FRPSL, Brian, Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806–1916


Auction Catalogues

The Col. Danson Collection, Robson Lowe, 16th June 1971

H. R. Holmes Collection, The Bechuanalands, Harmers of London Sale 4327, October 29, 1981

Robson Lowe, 15th June 1983.

The Barkaway Collection, Harmers, 24th June 1986

The Haskins Collection, Christie’s Robson Lowe, 12th June 1991

The Campbell Collection, Christie’s Robson Lowe, 13th December 1994

The George Collection, Harmers, 31st October 1995

The Weiss Collection, Christie’s Robson Lowe, 19th November 1996

The Ted Proud Collection, Postal History Auctions, 19th March 1999

The Cattarall Collection, Grosvenor, 23rd May 2001

The “County” Collection, Argyll Etkin, 24th September 2003

The Rossi collection of Great Britain Overprints, Warwick & Warwick, 8th June 2005 (prices realised)

The John Inglefield-Watson Collections of Bechauanaland, Somaliland & Sudan, Spink, 3rd October 2007 (link to auction listing)

Spink July 2013 (link to auction listing)


Societies & their Journals

The Bechuanalands and Botswana Society
– Journal: The Runner Post
– Website:

The Great Britain Overprint Society
– Journal: The Overprinter
– Website: