Destination Mail – Turks Islands

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Destination Mail Turks Island1895 (Jan 25) Registered envelope from London to Turks Islands

History: For sale by Andrew Lajer for £125

1895 (Sep 17) Alfred Smith (stamp shop) advertising envelope sent registered via New York to Turks Island, with 1d and 6d stamped to order dies uprated with 1881 1d lilac and 1887 2d green and carmine pair, tied by Bristol registered oval ds.

History: Sold on eBay for £87.08

1895 (Dec 16) Envelope sent registered from Manchester with 4 1/2d

History: ex Severn (David Feldman Nov 2010 lot 40213 realised €150+20%)

 1896 (Jan 24) Envelope sent registered from Plymouth to Grand Turk, with 2d and 2 1/2d tied by Plymouth registered oval ds, paying the 2 1/2d letter rate plus 2d registration fee, Halifax Nova Scotia transit on reverse, Turks Island arrival adjacent.

History: For sale by Mark Bloxham for £36

1896 (Feb 5) Registered envelope from London with 2 1/2d and 5d die II, arrival cds adjacent.

History: Ex Gilbert Wheat (Cavendish June 2009 lot 381 realised £160)

1896 (Jul 10) Registered envelope from Samford Peverill to Turks Island, with two 2 1/2d tied by Tiverton cds , Samford Peverill cds below, reverse with Halifax (Nova Scotia), St. John (New Brunswick) and New York transits, Turks Island arrival on obverse

History: Sold on eBay for $155.00

1896 (Aug 19) Registered envelope from Duns to Turks Island with pair of 1887 2 1/2d purple on blue, St. Johns, Halifax and New York transit backstamps, Turks Island arrival adjacent.

History: Sandafayre 22 May 2012 lot 8239 est. £150-200

1896 (Nov 26) 1d pink printed-to-order envelope from London to Grand Turk, uprated with 1/2d vermilion and 3d, tied by Throgmorton Avenue registered oval ds, with arrival cds adjacent and Halifax bs

History: For sale by Samwells Oct 2011 at £125

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