Destination Mail – New Guinea

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Destination mail New Guinea1900 (Apr 28) 2d Size K registered envelope with 1887 1 1/2d and 1s green vertical strip of 3 (one badly damaged) tied by oval Liverpool Exchange ds, sent to “Ralum/New Britain/Bismarck Archipelago”, flap fault & central fold. [The rate was 2½d per ½oz x15 = 3/1½d + 2d registration. The addressee was Emma Forsayth, known colloquially as Queen Emma. Born in Samoa & a descendant of King Malietoa, she & her blackbirder husband traded around New Guinea from 1878. She moved to the Gazelle Peninsula in 1881 where she established large coconut & cocoa plantations, including at Ralum on Blanche Bay, near Rabaul]

History: Mossgreen Auctions, 19th Jun 2015, lot 699, est A$500

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