Destination Mail – Madagascar

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– 1884 (Jun 2) Letters for Tamatave (Madagascar) will be sent through the French Post Office Agency established there, with the same letter rate as for St. Mary (Madagascar) of 4d for 1/2oz pre-paid, double unpaid, postcards 1 1/2d.
– 1886 (Oct 19) Rate reduced from 10d to 8d per 1/2oz
– 1888 (Oct 1) To places in the interior of Madagascar, the rate is reduced to that of St. Mary and Tamatave; 4d for 1/2oz pre-paid with inland rate to be paid on delivery.
– 1890 (May 1) Letters to Majunga (Madagascar) at 4d per 1/2oz, unpaid double, postcards 1 1/2d (i.e. no further internal fee)
– 1891 (Oct 1) Reduced to the Universal letter rate of 2 1/2d and postcards 1d to anywhere in the world (except British Bechuanaland and certain places served via Cape Colony or Natal).

1896 (Jul 7)

History: eBay April 2009 sold for £42.09

1896 (Jul 8)

1899 (Oct 21)

History: ex Gilbert Wheat (Cavendish Jun 2009 lot 382 realised £160)

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