Destination Mail – Algeria

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French Algeria was the colonial rule of France over Algeria. French rule in the region began in 1830 with the invasion of Algiers and lasted until the Algerian War of Independence concluded in 1962.

Population (approx. in 1900): 4,675,000
Destination Scarcity: 2/5
Rate: 2½d (single UPU rate)

1888 (July 13) Registered envelope from College Green, Ireland, to Algeria

1889 (Feb 16) Envelope with 1887 5d Jubilee tied by London geometric cancel, sent to Algiers

1/2d Jubilee Destination Mail to Algeria1891 (Jul 19) 1/2d Postcard uprated with 1/2d vermilion Jubilee, sent from Newark to Boghari, with Newark duplexes, Calais transit and Boghari arrival cds, very fine

History: Christoph Gaertner, 21st-24th January 2013, lot 7803, realised €65+20%

1893 (Feb 24) Envelope from Scotland to Bône in Algeria

1893 (Apr 27) Envelope to Bône in Algeria

IMG_04501897 (Sep 13) Envelope sent registered with 5d purple & blue and 2d green & red tied by London squared circle ds, cover faults

1899 (May 23) Registered envelope with 1887 2 1/2d Jubilee sent to Algiers

1900 (Sep 24) 1/2d postal stationery card uprated with 1900 1/2d blue-green to Algeria with Draâ El Mizan arrival cds

1901 (Feb 23) Postcard from London to Algeria with 1900 1/2d blue-green

1901 (Oct 6) 1d Letter card uprated with 1 1/2d from Dublin, Ireland, to Algeria, with Marseille and Mustapha backstamps

1901 (Dec 13) Postcard from London to Algeria with 1900 1/2d blue-green with Constantine arrival cds

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