1/2d Vermilion Doubly Printed

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Only 3 examples known

A few faults and possibly a repair

History: ex Lady Mary Buiri (Sotheby’s 24th Nov. 2010 lot 1697 realised £11’400 incl. commission); ex “Aureum”, for sale by Stanley Gibbons, Feb 2016, for £22’000; Stanley Gibbons, 2019, £12’500

Faint gum crease and tiny thin

History: Robson Lowe 8th Sep. 1982 lot 1380 (D. Rabley collection), est. £750; Phillips 16th Feb. 1994 lot 276 est. £2’000-2’500; Harmers of London 15th May 1996 lot 192 est. £8’000

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