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Ascension, first occupied in 1815, was retained as a Royal Navy establishment from 1816 until 20th October 1922 when it became a dependency of St. Helena by Letters Patent.

Under Post Office regulations of 1850 (ratings) and 1854 (officers) mail from men of the Royal Navy serving abroad had the postage prepaid in Great Britain stamps, supplies of which were issued to each ship. The British G.P.O. assumed responsibility for such matters in 1860, but failed to send any stamps to the island until January 1867.

The use of British stamps ceased in December 1922.

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1/2d Vermilion

1/2d Vermilion
SG Z8, £130


1/2d Blue-Green
SG Z19, £150

1 1/2d Purple & GreenSG Z9, £850

2d Green & Red

2d Green & Red
SG Z10, £325

2 1/2d Purple on Blue

2 1/2d Purple on Blue
SG Z11, £350

3d Purple on Yellow
SG Z12. £650

4d Green & Brown

4d Green & Brown
SG Z13, £450

1892 4.5d Jubilee used in Ascension

4 1/2d Green & Carmine
SG Z14, £1’200

5d Dull Purple & Blue
SG Z15, £475

6d Purple on Rose-Red

6d Purple on Rose-Red
SG Z16, £375

9d Purple & Blue
SG Z17, £1’000
10d Dull Purple & Carmine
SG Z17a, £1’200

1s Green

1s Green
Z18, £1’100

1s Green & Carmine
SG Z20, £1’200