Army Officials

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The Army’s request to have their own overprinted stamps in 1895 was considered with that of the Office of Works with the same outcome. Their overprints were authorised from 1 September 1896 and were announced in a Post Office circular of that date.

Army Official overprints were produced from a total of four plates of which three were used on Queen Victoria stamps. Forme 1 was used from 1896 to 1898 to overprint the 1/2d and 1d stamps. In 1898 the plate became too worn to use and was replaced by forme 2. This plate was more robust and was in use until 1903. The earliest used example so far seen is from March 1899. The 2 1/2d value was produced from an overprint plate with Type L6 conventionally known as forme 3. In 1901 the Army requested a 6d value for which forme 3 was also used.

1/2d Vermilion

1/2d Green

2 1/2d Purple on Blue

6d Purple on Rose-Red