British Levant Postmarks

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Opened: 1873 to 30 September 1914


Opened: 1st September 1857 to 30th September 1914, and 4th February 1919 to 27th September 1923

Constantinople C Barred Oval Constantinople 23mm cds Constantinople 24mm cds
Oval Obliterator

Oval: 17mmx26mm

C: 5mmx8mm

Single circle datestamp

23mm diameter

2 dots either side of “POST” only

Single circle datestamp

24mm diameter

4 dots at around the words “BRITISH POST OFFICE”


Opened: 1st May 1900 to October 1914

Single Circle datestamp

Earliest recorded usage

Double Circle datestamp


Opened: 1872 to 30th September 1914, and 1st March 1919 to 30th September 1922

F87 barred oval


Opened: 1st April 1884 to 25th August 1896, and 10th February 1908 to 30th September 1914