Destination Mail – Sudan

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The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan was a condominium of the United Kingdom and Egypt in the eastern Sudan region of northern Africa between 1899 and 1956, but in practice the structure of the condominium ensured full British control over the Sudan with Egypt having local influence. In 1881 the Mahdist revolt broke out in Sudan and in 1882 the British invaded Egypt. Egypt became a de facto protectorate of Britain and together British and Egyptian forces gradually re-conquered the Sudan. In 1899, they formally agreed to establish a joint protectorate: Egypt on the basis of its previous claims and Britain by right of conquest.

Population (approx. in 1900): 5,588,000
Destination Scarcity: 4/5
Rate: 2½d (single UPU rate)

1898 (Mar 2) Envelope sent from Aldershot to Major Sandbach in the Royal Engineers in the Egyptian Army in Merawi, Sudan

1899 (May 26) Envelope from Armagh, Ireland, with 1887 2 1/2d Jubilee, sent to the Commanding Officer of the Egyptian Post in Famaka, Sudan, initially sent to Wadi Halfa, then redirected to French Sudan then to Cairo, France and back to Egypt, opened for display

History: Argyll Etkin March 2019 lot 1242 sold £130 plus comission