Destination Mail – Morocco

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s-l1600.jpg1891 (Jan 8) Registered envelope from Cardiff to Gibraltar, redirected to Tangier, with Gibraltar and British Tangier arrival cds on the front

2014-06-24 22.44.44.jpg1898 (Mar 21) Envelope from Paddington to the Hotel Continental in Tangier, then redirected to H. B. M’s Vice Consul in Alcazar, reverse with Hotel ds, British Tangier cds and French Tanger cds

s596476.jpg1901 (Dec 2) Envelope to Sir Don Hamed Ben Mohamed Medina in Tetuan, reverse with British Tangier and Tetuan arrival cds

17.90 (no bs)1901 (Dec 14) Registered envelope from Heathead to Tangier uprated with 2 1/2d purple on blue Jubilee, with Farnham and London transits, no arrival bs

History: Sold for £17.90