Census of 1890 10d from Marginal Setting 1

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Only three complete panes are thought to exist. The two below are in private hands as far as I’m aware, with one supposedly in the National Postal Museum collection although I have been unable to find it using their online catalogue (the Phillips collection in the NPM has only a bottom marginal strip of five). The NPM pane was illustrated by Wellsted in the London Philatelist, and further mentioned by Wiseman1 in 1990 as “still extant” and and by Hazell2 in 1992 who personally inspected the pane at the NPM. It was said to have been shown at the Guildhall Jubilee exhibition in 1890.

Pane B from the right hand mill sheet

History: Ex Ernest Good, Phillips 3rd November 1988 lot 118, sold for £2’300 plus 10% buyer’s premium; Harmers Oct 1997 lot 156; Corinphila “Besançon” 12th June 2019 lot 3209, sold for CHF4’400 plus 21% buyer’s premium

Pane B

History: Postal Museum archive

Illustrated in the London Philatelist, vol.91, 1982, in “The Marginal Markings of the Jubilee Issues of 1887” by W. Raife Wellsted

Probably pane D from the right hand mill sheet

History: Offered by Elstree Stamps; Grosvenor June 2020, lot 659, sold for £7’500+24%

History: Ex “Aureum”, Stanley Gibbons, £3’250

History: Phillips Collection in the Postal Museum, UK

History: Ex Hazell2; Ex “Aureum”, Stanley Gibbons, £1’750

Ex “Royal Palm” collection, Stanley Gibbons auctions Oct 2022, lot 166, sold for £190+20%.

History: Ex “Aureum”, Stanley Gibbons; For sale by Andrew Lajer £1’500

From pane C. The only left marginal item not to show the vertical purple bar in the left margin

History: Ex Lady Mary Buri lot 1827; For sale by Andrew Lajer for £750

History: For sale by Andrew Lajer for £2’250 (including matching cover with setting 2 10d)

According to Hazell2, a top left corner marginal was used on a cover sent from the Jubilee Exhibition at the Guildhall on 19th May 1890

1. “The De La Rue Years 1878-1910, Volume 2” by Wiseman, 1990
2. “The “Jubilee” Tenpence of Queen Victoria” by Brian Hazell, GB Journal, volume 30, no.1, p.96, 1992
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