1887 4d Green and Brown Settings

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Setting 1

No rules, no lined blocks

Pane C or G showing pinning point at lower right

Setting 1A was 80-set printing and perforation, with extra pinning points below panes C & D and above E & F, as well as normal ones above panes A & B and below panes G & H.

Setting 1B was 160-set printing and perforation with pinning holes only above panes A & B and below panes G & H

Setting 2

160-set printing with added line blocks to reduce the possibility of ink deposits and being picked up by paper sag

Setting 3

320-set printing, with added continuous rules for the head and duty plate

Setting 4

With lined blocks, continuous rules and thin green and brown lines added to sheet margin between the left and right halves of the 320 Mill sheet. These distinctive markings only affect eight of the sixteen panes and only sixteen of the sixty four corners on the 320 mill sheet.

Setting 4A comes from a partial run of the 7th printing, issued 80-set (represents approximately 0.7% of the total print run of the 4d).

Unique example, mint never hinged, couple of light gum tones

History: ex Ernest Good; ex Aureum (Stanley Gibbons, Feb 2016, £3’500)

Setting 4B is as setting 4A but with head duty rule cut away at corners

Pane C or G from the right side of the mill sheet

Setting 5

With thin lines removed

Pane A from the right mill sheet, showing cut to the head rule above R1/2 (see Wiseman’s “The De La Rue Years, Volume 2” pp.346-348)

Setting 5a is as setting 4B but with thin lines between the two halves of the mill sheet removed, issued as 80-set sheets

Setting 5B is as setting 5A but 160-set with C & D panes joined to E & F panes

Showing portions of panes C, E and G