1887 1 1/2d Purple and Green Printing and Marginal Settings

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There were 11 Head plates (prefixed with “H”) and 6 Duty plates (prefixed with “D”) created, of which 10 Head and 4 Duty were used. Head plate numbering started from H3 (H1 and H2 were for the 1884 1½d). D2 was not used. Printing was 240-set until the 7th printing in late 1889 after which is was 480-set.

Setting 1

No rules. Plates H3, 4; D1

History: Ex Baillie


Setting 2

Head and duty rules round each pane. Head rules continuous and duty rules with breaks every three stamps horizontally. Plates H5,6; D3.

Ex “Aureum”


Setting 3

Head and duty rules round each pane. Head rule continuous and horizontal duty rules removed. H6, 7, 8, 19 &10; D3, 4 & 5.

Setting 3 interpanneau block with top right stamp showing retouch to the left of tablet and around the large figure 1, duty plate 4 position R.10/2. Ex “Aureum”


Showing date cut in the Head rule under the first stamp of the bottom row