1887 Jubilee Issue of Great Britain

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The 1887 Jubilee issue is so called because the stamps were issued in the year of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. Although this is mere coincidence as they were not intended to celebrate the event. The set of 10 values was released on the 1st January 1887. On the 24th February 1890 and on the 15th September 1892, a 10d and a 4 1/2d value (respectively) was also added. The last two stamps released were the 1/2d blue-green on the 17th April 1900 and the 1s green & carmine on the 11th July 1900. These last two stamps replaced the current 1/2d orange and 1s green in order for Great Britain to conform with UPU (Universal Postal Union) standards, which they had flaunted for many years.

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A specialised catalogue listing by each value, detailing essays, proofs, varieties, marginal settings and so on, with their market values.
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The rates to send mail within the United Kingdom by letter, postcard, printed matter and by parcel.
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The rates to send mail abroad, including a photographic record of the covers going to the rarest of destinations.
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Important literature and auction catalogues for studying the 1887 Jubilee issue.