Mafeking – 1d on 1/2d Vermilion – Printing

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The overprints were printed in panes of 60, with only 6 in one row being printed at a time. The six subjects differ in certain constant characters, which enable us to identify them:

No.1 Comma after MAFEKING; F, E, K broken (K conspicuously across both legs); E of BESIEGED broken at lower corner.

No.2 Comma after MAFEKING but often looking like a period and always, otherwise, blurred; no other breaks or defects.

No.3 Comma after MAFEKING; B of BESIEGED damaged, looking like figure 8; in some copies E of MAFEKING has curved top and first E of MAFEKING lacks serif at right bottom.

No.4 Comma after MAFEKING; back of G in BESIEGED is broken; bottom stroke of E in MAFEKING is chipped on top side.

No.5 No comma after MAFEKING; BESIEGED almost BESIEGFD by missing serif on bottom of E.

No.6 No comma after MAFEKING; final E of BESIEGED conspicuously dented in at left top, often appearing as if corner is missing.


Recorded Multiples

This is the largest known block of any Mafeking stamp known to exist. It has come from the collections of Freund and Maria de La Queillerie.

A horizontal strip of six showing the complete setting, on piece with “AP 13” cds., folded between three stamps, fine, cert. Brandon (1993).

History: Harmers SA February 1994 lot 1528 SFr1’300; Harmers of London 9th Jul. 1997 lot 929 est.£500; Spink (12 January 2011 lot 236 realised £650+20%); currently for sale by David Brandon for £1’600.

889995History: Harry Birkhead collection (Spink March 2014 lot 179 sold for £450+20% commission); For sale by Stanley Gibbons for £850

mafeking 1-2d vermilion blockBlock of nine, each row is position 4-6 in the horizontal setting, the right block of six with comma omitted after “Mafeking”, neat May 12 1900 circular datestamps

History: Ex Neal Allen, Shreves april 2004, lot 136 sold $1250; Siegel May 2015 lot 358 sold $650 plus commission; Siegel Jun 2016 lot 1384 sold $1’000 plus commission